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[movies]Gimmie That - SoulFood

Keywords: Music Video
Downloads: 824
[movies]Minerva Machine
This is my funny music video brickfilm! (Featuring lots of repeated footage)
Keywords: brickfilm; music video
Downloads: 39
[movies]Stella's Milkshake - Now with Credits! - Michael Germaine
This version of Stella's milkshake was never finished... now you can know why. Openers and closers help the movie flow and explains the abrupt ending.
Keywords: Milkshake; Playmobil; Music Video
Downloads: 545
[movies]Darkwatch Music Video - Xiphias
This is a music video I made using some clips from distributed trailers for the upcoming game Darkwatch on the Playstation 2 and Xbox this coming October of 2005.
Keywords: Darkwatch; Music; Video
Downloads: 426
[movies]Fenomenon - Lucy Said - Tom Idland
A 3D animated music movie with pixelated people and orthographic cameras. Music by Fenomenon (HÃ¥vard Rosenberg and Kjetil Ingebretsen)
Keywords: Animation; 3D; Music Video
Downloads: 5,915 5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars(2 reviews)
[movies]Verbindingsstreepje - Nick Fox-Gieg
Live performance, piano and player pipe organ, Paradiso, Amsterdam 1998
Keywords: music live performance pipe organ
Downloads: 1,488
[movies]The Richest Man in Babylon - Daniel Kingsbury
Daniel Kingsbury "The Richest Man in Babylon" Caravan of Time Directed by Jonathan Williams
Keywords: music video lego brickfilm animation
Downloads: 1,232
[movies]Obsolete Systems - I'm Sorry I Came On Your Dog - Slugge
music video for the song "I'm Sorry I Came On Your Dog" by Obsolete Systems
Keywords: Obsolete Systems; Music Video; Techno
Downloads: 3,483
[movies]Medolia Monster Bricks
Medolia music video brickfilm features lots of green bricks and music by Too
Keywords: brickfilm; PE Viljami-Ilmari; music video; green
Downloads: 305
[movies]Rex Steps PE
This is an "extreme" or minimalistic brickfilm. Piece of Music by Too. (the 800kb file is an unfinished upload of another film)
Keywords: Brickfilm; Music Video; PE Viljami-Ilmari
Downloads: 351
[movies]My dada - Tamas Ungor-Matyas Kalman (VJ Mao)

Keywords: vj, mao, dadaism, my, visual, music
Downloads: 877
[movies]Porukka People PE
Two animators and a music composer have contributed to this crazy music video brickfilm.
Keywords: Brickfilm; Music Video; PE Viljami-Ilmari
Downloads: 411 4.00 out of 5 stars4.00 out of 5 stars4.00 out of 5 stars4.00 out of 5 stars(1 review)
[movies]_Minerva Machine
"Minerva Machine" is my short music video featuring big-headed minifigs. Piece of music by Too.
Keywords: brickfilm; music video; PE Viljami-Ilmari
Downloads: 455
[movies]This is Love - John Holland
An animated PV(music video) to the song "This is Love" by Utada Hikaru. It is from her 2006 album Ultra Blue. Contain the singer Utada Hikaru performing the song while costumed as Tifa Lockhart from Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children, Ulala From Space Channel 5, and the female character from Final Fantasy XIII. Also features her main "rival in music", singer Ayumi Hamasaki as some of the rivals of the characters Utada is costumed as...
Keywords: Utada Hikaru; Music; This is Love; iClone
Downloads: 2,688
[movies]Saylend - Zbigniew Kosmalski
Saylend animation and music © Zbigniew Kosmalski 2008
Keywords: Zbigniew; Zbyszek; Kosmalski; animation; music; Saylend
Downloads: 400
[movies]All Light - Zbigniew Kosmalski
"All Light" animation and music Zbigniew Kosmalski
Keywords: Zbigniew; Zbyszek; Kosmalski; animation; cartoon; music; animacja
Downloads: 811
[movies]Coagulate - Nick Fox-Gieg
This was created during the same Kitchen workshop that spawned The Little Bird of Disaster; the soundtrack was made with a 1960s analog computer and a brand-new upright piano.
Keywords: nick; nicholas; fox-gieg; foxgieg; fox; gieg; animation; visual music
Downloads: 401
[movies]Seismograph - Nick Fox-Gieg
Data visualization collaboration with Christina McPhee.
Keywords: nick; nicholas; fox-gieg; foxgieg; fox; gieg; animation; visual music
Downloads: 399
Made in Processing; music by Meg Schedel.
Keywords: nick; nicholas; foxgieg; fox-gieg; fox; gieg; animation; visual music
Downloads: 235
[movies]Beyond the Infinite - Astronomical Warfare (Chapter 1) - Adrian Lo
Chapter Prelude: "No one expected the Rezpitel onslaught on the Intelligents. Especially not him." Musician's excerpt: "Nations go to war over territories. As space is infinite, so is territory in space. So, when galactic kingdoms or empires go to war over their territories in space, they fight Infinite Wars. In this piece, the music and counter melodies move in cycle as the battle advances and retreats, varying in intensity but always aggressive and fast paced" - Benjamin Ang A machinima video ...
Keywords: Electronic Music Lab; The Movies; Lionhead Studios; Electrodyssey 2006
Downloads: 1,900
[movies]Glasfilm - Nick Fox-Gieg
Yeah, everybody who's been to film school has got a scratch film, but I'm partial to this one.
Keywords: nick; nicholas; foxgieg; fox-gieg; fox; gieg; animation; visual music
Downloads: 344
[movies]Trebuchet - Nick Fox-Gieg
Collaboration with composer Daniel Hindmarch. Made at AS220.
Keywords: nick; nicholas; fox-gieg; foxgieg; fox; gieg; animation; visual music
Downloads: 358
[movies]Iso Bal Music Video - PE-robukka

Keywords: stop-motion; animation; Lego; green; brickfilm; music; musicvideo
Downloads: 415
[movies]Traffic Flow II - Nick Fox-Gieg
Created by running television static through a Painter script continually for three months, gradually drawing fantastic patterns and colors out of random noise. Commissioned by TAIS as part of the Eleven in Motion series, based on the paintings of Oscar Cahén.
Keywords: nick; nicholas; foxgieg; fox-gieg; fox; gieg; animation; visual music
Downloads: 450
[movies]Beyond the Infinite - Conversations with a Cow (Chapter 3) - Adrian Lo
Chapter Prelude: "As he lies contemplating on the floor, he sees a cow beside him" Musician's Excerpt: "All Your Philosophical Questions Answered by the Cow" A machinima video made using the game "The Movies" and part of the Electronic Music Lab's "Beyond the Infinite" 2006 performance. Live electronic music was performed during the actual screening of the event giving rise to an interesting combination of live artificial electronic sounds with virtual actors, real backgrounds and various edits ...
Keywords: Machinima; Beyond the Infinite; Electronic Music Lab; Singapore; The Movies; Conversations; Cow; Electrodyssey 2006
Downloads: 969
[movies]Beyond the Infinite - Solitude and the Vast Expanse (Chapter 2) - Adrian Lo
Chapter Prelude: "Amidst the chaos of battle, he escapes in a space pod. Safe, away from that scene of battle, he drifts aimlessly through space." Musician's excerpt: "So, how does it feel like, being alone in the universe? Can you begin to imagine just how lonely you are, in space spanning over thousands of light years? And now, imagine yourself drifting through this vast expanse of space, alone? Is it blissful? Or just plain dull? Or is it.....
Keywords: The Movies; Machinima; Beyond the Infinite; Electronic Music Lab; Singapore; The Movies; Drift; Space; Electrodyssey 2006
Downloads: 1,161
[movies]10 Kymmeten Bricks
This is my 10-brick film featuring some wicked, green bricks and music by Too.
Keywords: brickfilm; 10 Brick Contest; PE Viljami-Ilmari; surreal; green; music video; Too
Downloads: 1,001 2.00 out of 5 stars2.00 out of 5 stars(1 review)
[movies]Chicken Music Video - Delaware Based Productions
techno chicken computer animation music video.
Keywords: Computer Animation; Chicken; Animation; Compositing; Delaware Based Productions; Techno; Music Video; 3D
Downloads: 2,149
[movies]3 low g. - Nikoz
"3 low g." is an animation short films trilogy i made in about 17 months.. - JUNK R. LOW 0 (a prequel to junk r. low) - JUNK R. LOW - JUNK R. LOW 2 or: junk r. low -1 nothing else to say,, enjoy and leave a comment please. (note on junk r.low 2: the film contains stroboscopic effects that may adversely affect epilepsy sufferers.)
Keywords: animation; stop; motion; stanley; kubrick; parody; short; music; plastic; drugs; humour; rock
Downloads: 1,540
[movies]In the Name of the Father - Anthony Leong
A music video of Jay Chou's "In the Name of the Father" created in The Movies PC game
Keywords: The Movies; Lionhead Entertainment; Leong, Anthony; Chou, Jay; music video; rap; Taiwan; mandarin; gangsters
Downloads: 6,385 5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars(1 review)
[movies]Ruffus The Dog - The Three Little Pigs - Robert Mills
Ruffus takes on the role of The Big Bad Wolf â with a big case of bad breath â who does his best to get the chin hairs of âThe Three Little Pigsâ. Features the song: "Blow Hard".
Keywords: ruffus; ruffus the dog; three little pigs; video; puppets; comedy; music; songs; kids; children; fairy tales; big bad wolf
Downloads: 1,814
[movies]Spite Your Face Productions Ltd. - Demo Reel - Tony Mines
Showreel of work by UK animation company Spite Your Face Productions Ltd. Music by Cementimental
Keywords: Spite Your Face; showreel; demo reel; montage; music video; animation; LEGO; stop motion; CGI; cel; cementimental; Spite Your Face Productions Ltd
Downloads: 9,740
[movies]Ruffus The Dog - Around The World In 80 Days - Robert Mills
The whole world is the star as Ruffus and his friends tackle this great Jules Verne classic â to win a bet they must travel âAround The World In 80 Daysâ. Features the great song: âOlâ Blue Soulâ
Keywords: ruffus; ruffus the dog; around the world in 80 days; video; puppets; children; classic literature; comedy; music; songs; fairy tales; kids; jules verne
Downloads: 1,400
[movies]Cuz it Feels GOOD
Why else would you do it?
Keywords: life; universe; mankind; plants; relationships; the meaning of life; science; love; happy; giving; gift; donate; donation; dollar; money; wealth; affluence; kindness; mother earth; karma; extend; embrace; brother; sister; mother; father; content; peace; flow; dream; anything; god; jesus; amuse; anticipate; bask; blink; blush; boink; breathe; calm; celebrate; cooperate; create; dance; dream; eat; enjoy; exhale; flirt; fly; give; grow; hug; laugh; relax; respect; restore; run; smiling; singing; smooch; speed; splash; stretch; surprise; swing; tickle; walk; whoosh; win aglow; alive; amazing; beautiful; blessed; blissful; blithe; blue; bright; burnt-sienna; cheerful; clean; comic; compassionate; contented; cool; cosmic; cozy; delightful; elated; electric; elegant; enthusiastic; euphoric; exuberant; fortunate; free; fresh; glad; glowing; golden; good; gracious; green; happy; harmonious; healthy; hopeful; humorous; inspirational; jolly; joyous; jubilant; light; lighthearted; lovely; magical; mellifluous; merry; mild; natural; natural; nostalgic; open; optimistic; Organic; out-loud; outside; overjoyed; patient; peaceful; pleasant; playful; pleased; quality; quantum; quiet; random; red; fast; safe; shiny; simple; smitten; soft; soothing; special; spiritual; spontaneous; sure; sweet; tasty; uncontrollable; underwater; unexpected; upbeat; uplifting; upside-down; useful; vivacious; warm; welcoming; wet; whole; wonderful; yellow 80's pop music; cool breeze; accomplishment; air; altruism; angels in the snow; apples; autumn; awe; baby; balance; balloons; barnyard; bed; belonging; bicycles; bikini; birds; birthday; blades of grass; books; breeze; bubble gum; burrito; cake; camaraderie; candlelight; cannolis; center; children; chocolate; cold drinks on a hot day; comfort; cookies & milk; coral; cows; crayons; dad; dawn; day; daylight; dew; dinosaurs; doggy; dreams; early mornings; ears; ecstasy; empathy; energy; excellence; eyes; fart; father; feast; feeling; fingers; fire place; flashlights; flowers; fluffy bunnies; forest; grass; fun; Galilleo; garden; gifts; giggles; glee; gratitude; hallelujah; hands; heaven; hide-and-seek; holiday; home; hot dogs; joke; kisses; kittens; lake; lamb; leaves; lego; lemon; levity; life; lights; love; mangos; mints; monkeys; moon; mother; mouth; mud; music; myrrh; nap; nature; orgasm; oxygen; pancakes; perfection; perfume; pets; pictures; pets; pictures; play; play-dough; pleasure; poetry; presents; principle; puppies; race cars; radishes; red letter day; red wagon; reef; release; relief; renewal; river; rose; sand; satisfaction; saturday mornings; seagulls; serendipity; shepherd; sex; things; silly; birds; skirts; sky; sleep; slip & slide; smiles; snow; snow-days; snowflakes; snowmen; song; aloe; spring; stars; stillness; storm; strawberries; sun; sunlight; sunsets; sunshine; supercalifragilisticexpialidocious; swing sets; thank you; paper wrapper on crayons; smell just after a rain storm; smell just before a rain storm; smell of roses; sound of waves crashing against the beach; sound of windsheild wipers; thrill; thunderstorms; tire swing; toes; touch; toys; travel; tree houses; trees; truth; twilight; laughter; vacation; w00t!; walk; walruses; water; water-balloons; waterfall; wine; woods; yoga; zen; donate; dollar; feel good
Downloads: 3,906 1.00 out of 5 stars(1 review)
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